Triples Travel is based on three adorable children that lord has blessed with complete joy and happiness!

“Tahir” remember things being “hectic enough” even when it was just he and his wife. Then came the news that three more would be joining them soon.

“Tahir”, A super dad has innovated his own ‘survival guide’ to having triplets subsequently his wife gave birth to three ‘miracle’ babies. He never thought he’d really be lucky enough to have all three. “Tahir” said it has been awesome to show other parents that you don’t have to live at home when you have multiples and that trips out are possible. So, “Tahir” has dedicated his business to his children to whom, he loves the most!

Succeeding in business is not an easy feat. It’s very easy to let business bash you down. Instead of throwing in the towel when there is a business trouble, pick yourself back up, buckle down, and get to work. That “Tahir” realized when he had the Triplets and managed the all problems by himself even facing lots of financial crisis. Triplets for Tahir completely changed the view of life and give encouragement to live the life more adventurously.

What our customer say?

Kaushik Oberoi

I completely love Triplates Travel, and I’ve been a paying TripItets Pro customer for many years. It’s got me out of a couple of jams and made my trips much less stressful.


I don’t know how I ever knew where I was expected to be earlier I discovered Triplets.

Michel Williams

Thanks a lot for all your help in organizing the family trip the kids truly enjoyed Safari. All the preparation were excellent and full credit to your excellent guidance.

Joseph, CEO

I would like to dedicate this testimonial for excellent services rendered to me for our booking of tickets. A company that has personnel who work efficiently without the day to day intervention of the top boss speaks highly of the motivation and inspiration provided under supervision of Mr. Tahir.

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